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March 25, 2023

The CANN-NET Committee is a CIHR-funded initiative to identify knowledge translation opportunities aimed at improving the care of patients with kidney disease.  The Committee works to identify gaps in the current state of knowledge, and to represent paediatric nephrology in developing national clinical trial and dissemination projects within the larger nephrology community. Further information can be found at the CANN-NET website.

Current membership

Allison Dart (Co-Chair, Winnipeg)

Mike Zappitelli (Co-Chair, Montreal) 

Todd Alexander (Edmonton)

Steve Arora (Hamilton)

Martin Bitzan (Montreal)

Tom Blydt-Hansen (Vancouver)

Lorraine Bell (Montreal)

Rulan Parekh (Toronto)

Janusz Feber (Ottawa)

Christoph Licht (Toronto)

Cherry Mammen (Vancouver)

Catherine Morgan (Edmonton)

Véronique Phan (Ex-Officio, CAPN,


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